Law Advice

Our passion is to advise you to solidify your business decisions.

Law structure and operations

Our advice will help you to decide on which is the better law structure to your business, bringing certainty to you and your partners. We also support you to maintain up to date all your corporate records.


Companies reach agreements with suppliers and customers all the time. Your advice will help you to achieve solid contractual relationships.

Commercial Credit

If you grant credit to your customers, our advice will help you to document your transactions in case you need to collect through a legal procedure.

Intellectual Property

Our advice you will help you to obtain the protection on your intellectual property assets. Having a strong brand name and keeping safe your industrial and commercial secrets will give solidness to your business.

Labor Relationships

We recognize the value that your personnel bring to your business. Our advice will help you to establish just labor relationships while protection your business in case of disagreements.

Mergers and Acquisitions

If you are planning to acquire a company or merge your business, our advice during the diverse stages of such process will help you to achieve of your business objectives.

Dissolution and Liquidation

If you are planning to window down your business and terminate rightfully with all of its obligations, we will provide advise during all stages and until completing the process by canceling your company's tax id.

Corporate Governance

If you would like to have an impartial and reliable opinion during your board of directors’ meetings, invite us to be part of your business board as external director.

Anti-Money Laundering

Learn about the risks that your business is facing on your commercial operations. Our advice will help you to mitigate risks, establishing controls and policies.

Business Ethics

Strengthening ethical principles of your personnel. Our advice will help you to create a free from harassment environment and to create the basis so as your employees may stablishes crystal clear business relationships to your suppliers and customers.

Litigation and Controversy Remediation

We provide you support and certainty during those difficult times when you have to take extraordinary measures to solve a problem.

Other Legal Topics

We will be glad to learn about your questions and concerns to support you to reach the better decisions for your business.

Learn about our comprehensive advising services to strengthen your business!